Coatings on a polymer basis

  • DensTop AK 220

    Water-based single-component acrylic coating for decorative finishing and protection of facades, as well as other exterior surfaces of buildings and structures. The composition after polymerization forms an elastic vapor-permeable membrane.
  • DensTop AK 221

    Waterborne, one-component acrylic coating to protect plaster and plastered surfaces. It is a mastic, which after polymerization forms an elastic waterproof membrane of blue color.
  • Denstop AK 223 Silko

    Protective and decorative acrylic coating with high vapor permeability.
  • DensTop EP 201

    Two-component composition on an epoxy basis to create an elastic waterproofing coating of concrete and metal surfaces. Can be used on bases subject to high wear.
  • DensTop EP 202

    Two-component composition on an epoxy basis to create an independent anticorrosive coating of concrete and brick surfaces and as a finishing coat in the systems for the protection of metal surfaces.
  • DensTop EP 205

    Two-component water-borne epoxy paint for protection and finishing of surfaces from mineral building and finishing materials: concrete, brickwork, plaster, etc.
  • DensTop EP 710 Mastic

    Epoxy-polyurethane protective coating for concrete and steel surfaces.
  • DensTop PS 391

    Two-component cold-cured chemical resistant polysulfide mastic.
  • DensTop PU 208 Flex

    Two-component polyurethane composition to protect coatings from the action of UV radiation
  • DensTop PU 227 Elastic

    Durable waterproof polyurethane coating to protect concrete and metal structures.
  • Denstop PU 245 Pul

    Elastic waterproof polyurethane coating for swimming pools
  • DensTop PU 302

    A two-component composition based on aliphatic polyurethane, forms a glossy elastic and at the same time very strong protective coating, which has weather resistance and UV resistance. It can be used for the device of non-slip floor covering and as a finishing coat in the systems for the protection of metal surfaces from corrosion.
  • DensTop PU 325 Aqua

    A single-component, water-based formulation that, after application, forms an elastic, seamless waterproofing membrane that is resistant to standing water and UV radiation. Suitable for all types of roofs and open areas.
  • DensTop PU 335 Finish

    Water-based elastic polyurethane topcoat to protect surfaces
  • DensTop PU 650

    A two-component sprayed composition based on polyurea to create an elastic impact, wear and chemical resistant coating of concrete and metal surfaces.
  • DensTop PU 700 Shell

    Polyurethane waterproof coating for bases with high mechanical loads
  • DensTop PU 730 UF Color

    Two-component polyurethane protective coating with quick commissioning time
  • Manoguard 108

    A one-component formulation based on methyl methacrylate and specially selected organic solvents to create a protective coating of concrete, masonry and brickwork, plaster. Can be used to protect surfaces made of stainless steel and aluminum during construction work.
  • Manoguard Top 119

    A one-component formulation based on organic resins for the care of the surface of freshly laid concrete and the treatment of existing bases. Forms on the surface of a protective coating, preventing rapid drying of concrete, increasing wear resistance and waterproofness.