Maxrest Passive

MAXREST PASSIVE is a one-component liquid product, ready to use as an oxide converter and protective coating of steel reinforcements, and other steel and iron surfaces against corrosion.

MAXREST PASSIVE once applied, neutralizes the corrosion process, reacting quickly with the rust and transforms the iron oxide into a stable passive coating, providing a full protection against corrosion, salts, acid and alkali attack.


Package Weight Europalette
Canister1 kg...
Canister25 kg24 pcs.
Use directions
  • Oxide converter and protection of steel reinforcement in structural concrete repair exposed to aggressive conditions such as in coastal areas, industrial environments, etc.
  • Anti-corrosion protection against the attack from strong chemical agents such as diluted alkali and acid solutions.
  • Adhesion promoter or priming on metal surfaces for subsequent coating systems.
  • Excellent adhesion on metal substrates. Product reacts even with steel which has been sandblasted to white metal or over only partially rusted surfaces.
  • Quick drying, allows a fast repair job.
  • Easy and ready to use: One-component product, and apply by brush, roller or spray equipments.
  • Environmentally friendly: Water-based, solvent-free and non-flammable product.