MAXGROUT is a one-component non-shrink mortar formulated from special cements and well- graded mineral products which provides high mechanical properties and fluidity. Contains no chlorides or metal particles. It comes in powder form, ready to use mixing only with water. The product meets the requirements of R4 Class according to EN-1504-3


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Use directions
  • Restoration of concrete structural elements recovering its original shape and function.
  • Filling of steel column bases.
  • Beam support in bridges.
  • Filling of machinery foundation between concrete and steel plates.
  • Repairing joints in pavements.
  • Void-filling corrective process and consolidation under concrete slabs
  • High early and ultimate strength.
  • Very good adhesion on surfaces, it becomes structural part of the substrate and it withstands to repeated loads.
  • Non-shrink and slightly expansive, thus it does not lose contact with the substrate where is placed.
  • High cohesion of the fresh mortar without segregation or bleeding.
  • Waterproof, fireproof and non-toxic.
  • Unaffected by extreme temperatures once set.
  • Contains no chlorides or metal particles, it is non-corrosive for steel surfaces.
  • Resistant to water, oil and grease.