1K the manual pump on a tripod (BM 0303/0304)

  • 1K the manual pump on a tripod (BM 0303/0304)
BM 0303/0304 - this is quite a popular model. Due to its ease of operation, small size and economy, BM 0303/0304 is perfect for most injection tasks. It can be used for both two-component and single-component polymer compositions of low and medium viscosity levels. One has only to take into account that in these compositions there should be no abrasive components. BM 0303 operates with pressure up to 100 bar, BM 0304 up to 250 bar. It is recommended to use it for a small amount of injection work. The manual injection pump on a tripod BM 0303/0304 is excellent for working at various sites without electricity, and thanks to its lightness (only 10 kilograms) and convenience, it can be used for injection in various hard-to-reach places. The undoubted advantages of this model include reliable construction, mobility, high performance and low cost. It is also important to note that all elements that come into contact with the material are made of high-quality brass. Pump capacity - 0.5 liters per minute.
Use directions
  • injection of 1K and 2K polyurethane and epoxy resins;
  • injection in hard to reach places;
  • work under a working pressure of up to 250 bar;
  • work on sites without electrical connection.
  • high performance and mobility;
  • reliable design;
  • elements in contact with the material are made of brass;
  • low cost.