2K pneumatic piston pump (BM 1425 / BM 2515)

  • 2K pneumatic piston pump (BM 1425 / BM 2515)
Pneumatic two-component pump with a constant mixing ratio of 1: 1. Designed specifically for injection with acrylate gels. The equipment is driven by a compressor with a capacity of 500 l / min. The parts of the pump that come into contact with materials in the process of work are made of high-quality stainless steel and are equipped with additional teflon gaskets.
Use directions
  • elastic sealing and filling of wet microcracks in concrete and stone structures;
  • creation of shut-off waterproofing from raising the capillary moisture on the brick and stone walls;
  • device of impervious curtains behind the structure;
  • filling of cavities, voids, penetrations of communications;
  • soil stabilization and strengthening.
  • high mixing accuracy of 1: 1 components;
  • cleaning each channel with a special pump, which is included in the package;
  • reliability of the design and individual parts of the pump.