1K electric diaphragm pump (BM 1300)

  • 1K electric diaphragm pump (BM 1300)
Reliable and high-performance diaphragm injection pump for professional use. The pump is equipped with a pressure regulator that provides smooth, stepless pressure control (starting at 10 bar). The pump is mounted on a trolley, which makes it easy to move it around the work area.
Use directions
  • injection of 1K polymer compositions;
  • injection of polymeric 2k compounds with a lifetime of over 30 minutes;
  • injection of water emulsions and solutions.
  • large membrane that allows pumping materials with high viscosity;
  • smooth adjustment of pressure in the range from 10 to 250 bar;
  • high performance;
  • high quality construction, parts in contact with injection materials, made of stainless steel;
  • mobility;
  • easy operation and maintenance.