Vitrafin Bond F

  • Vitrafin Bond F
Vitrafin Bond F is a one-component, pasty adhesive- and sealing compound based on silane-modified polymer, which hardens through humidity to a flexible product. Vitrafin Bond F can be used for bonding EPDM rubber even on wet surfaces.


Tube 600 ml
Use directions
  • Surface waterproofing and protection.
  • Sutable for horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Bonding and sealing without primer on polyester (GRP), PVC, acrylic-glass, polystyrene, EPDM, steal, stainless steal, aluminium, concrete, clinker, marble, glass and wood.
  • Sealant for joints (max. 10% movement absorption).
  • Bonding waterstops on concrete.
  • Bonding EPDM on dry/wet concrete surface.
  • High chemical resistance.  High bonding on the most of
  • High bonding on the most of building materials.
  • Can be used for wet (not damp) surfaces.
  • Can be used at low temperature.
  • Thixotropic (no slump).