Manodil Swell

  • Manodil Swell
Manodil Swell is a profile of hidrophilic rubber, which is designed to seal cold and structural joints and joints. It is widely used in the construction of civil, industrial and hidraulic structures. The product provides excellent sealing structures, increasing in volume when in contact with moisture.
Use directions
  • Concrete and metal structures
  • Sealing of joints and joints, both in monolithic construction and installation of prefabricated concrete elements
  • Included in the waterproofing system of base plates, concrete walls, etc.
  • When passing communications (pipes, cables) through the fencing structures
  • Indispensable for the construction of massive or extensive structures erected using cast concrete mixes
  • When laying tunnels for various purposes to seal around the perimeter of prefabricated elements (tubing, patterns, volume sections, etc.)
  • Effective sealing of seams due to increase in volume up to 3-8 times
  • Easy installation
  • Variety of profiles with different characteristics
  • There is no air intake in the seam
  • High chemical resistance and durability
  • Frost resistant
  • Does not lose its properties during multiple cycles of increase in volume