Manoguard 161

  • Manoguard 161
Material based on silicic acid esters with a high content of active substances. In the process of application, the capillary system of the building material absorbs the product and transfers it to deeper layers. The active components of the composition interact with atmospheric moisture and with water contained in the capillary system. As a result, a strong glass-like substance is formed-a gel of silicic acid (SiO2 aq). Under standard climatic conditions (20 ° C and 50% relative humidity), the product solidifies completely within two weeks.


Canister 5 l
Use directions
  • Restoration of natural stone, stucco moldings and frescoes, which were damaged as a result of weather conditions
  • One-component system. Easy to apply
  • Low viscosity of the material, high penetrating power
  • After drying, it has no tackiness, there is no sticking of dirt
  • There are no reaction by-products that adversely affect the building material.
  • Has a mineral basis related to its construction material
  • It has an acid resistance, as well as resistance to rainwater
  • The pores are not sealed, the treated building material retains its permeability to water vapor.