Manodil Swell 1k

  • Manodil Swell 1k
Manodil Swell 1k is a one-component, water-swellable sealant with excellent mechanical properties. Used to seal the corner joints and seams of structures in civil and industrial construction, hidraulic structures and where it is impossible to use traditional solid sealants. After hardening, it becomes elastic and, by doubling in volume, provides waterproofing of the structure along the joint.


Bucket of 10 kg
Use directions
  • Waterproofing joints when casting monolithic concrete;
  • Sealing the joints of wide-angle I-profile steel beams;
  • Sealing in water supply systems;
  • Fixing profiles Manodil Swell;
  • Waterproofing work.
  • Easy to use. It is applied as a traditional sealant with a construction gun;
  • High strength and elasticity compared with traditional sealants;
  • Increases in volume by two times when in contact with water. Provides a waterproofing compound without losing its elasticity;
  • High adhesion to various construction materials, such as concrete, metal, glass, etc .;
  • High water tightness.