Reolen AU 461

  • Reolen AU 461
Reolen AU 461 is an additive for concrete mixes and mortars, which allows to reduce shrinkage and prevent the appearance of cracks caused by shrinkage deformations.


Bag of 25 kg.
Use directions
  • Production of concretes and solutions with compensated shrinkage;
  • Production of concrete mixes and mortars with a high water-cement ratio;
  • Concreting massive structures;
  • Production of concrete resistant to aggressive factors;
  • Production of concrete and mortar mixes stacked when exposed to negative factors (elevated ambient temperature, low humidity, exposure to direct sunlight, etc.).
  • Eliminates the appearance of shrinkage cracks;
  • Does not reduce the final strength of concrete or mortar;
  • Increases resistance of concrete and mortar to aggressive media.