Reolen Fiber

  • Reolen Fiber
Micro-reinforcing polymer or alkali-resistant mineral fiber, used as an additive in concrete and mortar mixes. Increases the strength of concrete or mortar tensile, crack resistance, resistance to impact and abrasive loads, reduces plastic shrinkage and prevents the formation and opening of shrinkage cracks.


Bag of 20 kg
Use directions
  • Improving the strength and performance properties of concrete and reinforced concrete products, as well as monolithic reinforced concrete structures when used as an additive to the concrete mix;
  • Improving the strength and performance properties of mortars (repair, masonry, plaster, floor screeds).
  • Increased bending strength;
  • Increased resistance to shock and abrasive loads;
  • Reduced plastic shrinkage;
  • Uniform distribution in the volume of the mixture, increasing the coherence and homogeneity of the mixture;
  • Low specific weight;
  • Alkali resistance, corrosion resistance.