Starmex RM2NEW

StarMex PM2 is a thixotropic polymer-modified cement-based repair composition. Is non-shrinking and fast-hardening. It has excellent adhesion even to the old bases of mineral building materials. The product is specially designed for repair and leveling the surface of concrete and reinforced concrete structures.


Bag of 25 kg
Use directions
  • Cosmetic repair of concrete without the use of formwork;
  • Restoration and leveling of the destroyed concrete surfaces, prefabricated elements, elimination of damages of concrete structures obtained during the decking, etc.
  • Quick setting time, the possibility of finishing the surface (smoothing) immediately after the composition hardens;
  • Designed for leveling the surface;
  • Due to the thixotropic properties, it can be applied to vertical surfaces;
  • High adhesion to the concrete base;
  • Apply a layer of thickness from 1 to 5 mm;
  • Crack resistance.
The density of the mortar mixture is 2100 ± 50 kg/m3
Compressive strength, 28 days, not less than 50 MPa
Tensile strength at bending, 28 days, not less than 7 MPa
Strength of adhesion to the concrete base, 28 days, not less than 2 MPa
Mark for frost resistance, not below F300
Minimum / maximum layer thickness 1 / 5 mm
The consumption of the dry mixture at a layer thickness of 1 mm ~ 1.85 kg/m2