construction chemicals,
 high quality mineral polymer products and equipment for waterproofing and pavings of various purposes, injection works, sealing of joints, repair of concrete and masonry structures.

Protection and waterproofing

Repair of concrete

Structural reinforcement


Reinforcement bar reinforcement

Anticorrosive protection of metal

Curing of concrete

Device of floors

Solutions for joints

Glue for a tile

Concrete and mortar additives

The company OOO "Gydrozo" (Moscow) is a well-known in Russia manufacturer of construction chemicals. For more than 10 years our products have been successfully sold all over the country. We have established for our brand a sustainable reputation as a reliable partner and are committed to keeping the brand.

Among the most popular products of LLC "Gydrozo" stand alone injection materials and equipment for waterproofing. Protection against moisture is often critical for many concrete and brick structures. Materials for injection waterproofing of brick walls and concrete allow to fully protect the object from moisture and at the same time not to spend money on expensive repairs. Injection formulations are introduced through special technical holes and do not require complete replacement of structural fragments.

The company is ready to provide hydrozo injection equipment and materials for the full range of works. Including injection pumps and packers.

Construction chemistry from Gydrozo always strives to be the best in Russia. Therefore, we always focus on our work on several main aspects:
  • honesty and openness for all;
  • use only environmentally friendly and safe for humans materials and technologies;
  • The offer of the best solutions for the durability of building structures.