1K hand pump (BM 0203/0205)

  • 1K hand pump (BM 0203/0205)
Budget option for low-cost injection. BM 0205 is extremely easy to use and is designed to work with one and two component materials. It should be noted that only low and medium viscosity versions are suitable for use. The main scope of its application is the injection of small areas in hard-to-reach places. His patrimony - very small amounts of work. In this case, BM 0203 and its colleague can boast of a working pressure of up to 400 bar. Due to the manual mode of operation, BM 0205 allows not to worry about the presence of electricity at the facility. This manual injection pump has simple and understandable advantages - it does not need electricity, it is extremely economical to use material, quite inexpensive when purchased and during operation, and also extremely simple in operation and in the cleaning process. In fact, BM 0203 and BM 0205 can be useful at any time, and thanks to their amazing reliability and simplicity, they will last a very long time. Therefore, many construction organizations keep them just in case, which, by the way, quite often requires the use of BM 0203/0205.
Use directions
  • injection of 1K and 2K polyurethane and epoxy resins;
  • injection in hard to reach places;
  • work under a working pressure up to 400 bar;
  • Work on the sites without electrical connection of the injection pump.
  • easy to use and clean;
  • economic consumption of material;
  • low cost.