1K electric screw pump BMP 6 (BM 2697)

  • 1K electric screw pump BMP 6 (BM 2697)
Pump BMP 6 (BM 2697) most experts describe as a lightweight, convenient and extremely reliable model of relatively small size. BMP6 is designed to supply materials under pressure. We recommend using it with liquid and cement-containing injection materials. It is allowed to use microcements and silicate-containing solutions - the limit on particle size is up to 3 mm. BMP-6 can also be used if necessary to be applied by spraying a variety of mineral or polymer paints, bitumen coatings. The screw pump for injections is used in a wide range of injection works, including for strengthening walls, foundations, and also, using micropiles, BMP 6 (BM 2697) may well assist in strengthening slopes and soil foundations. Screw pump modification BMP 6 (BM 2697) is often used for the device of different types of mineral self-leveling floors and the application of finishing and various leveling compositions.
Use directions
  • shotcrete repair mixtures wet or applying bitumen emulsions;
  • performance of injection works with microcements and silicate suspensions, cement pastes and other ready-made structures for strengthening old stone and rubble walls and foundations or for strengthening with the use of micro-soil technology of soil bases and slopes;
  • putting the thin finishing leveling compositions, including paints, and also the sanifying plasters;
  • device of mineral bulk floors.
  • mobility due to low weight and size;
  • wide range of accessories;
  • fourfold savings compared to the traditional manual application method;
  • easy operation and cleaning.