Manopox 331

  • Manopox 331
Thixotropic two-component epoxy paste composition with unique features for fast repair of concrete structures on the ceiling, vertical and horizontal basis.
Use directions
  • Repair of concrete designs
  • Connections of the bearing and repaired concrete elements, columns, borders
  • For gluing of adhesive packers and filling of superficial cracks for the subsequent injection of Manopoks 352;
  • For gluing of the rubberized Manodil Geo in the system of a waterproofing of deformation seams and seams of concreting of tanks with drinking water and water treatment constructions.
  • For bonding and grouting of ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles, marble, granite and chemically resistant ceramic.
  • High adhesion to the basis
  • It is nontoxical. Doesn't contain solvents. Nonflammable
  • High durability and resistance to blows, chemical firmness
  • It can be applied on the damp basis
  • Nonshrinking material
  • Simplicity of application and ease of mixing of components
  • It is allowed for repair of the designs contacting to drinking water