Adhesives and sealants

  • Bitumen Connecting Foil

    Connecting bitumen tape designed for joining EPDM membranes, Silico with bitumen waterproofing. The tape can be welded to bitumen waterproofing with hot air or glued to hot bitumen. EPDM membrane and connective bitumen tape welded hot air from the ribbon, Thermobond reinforced.
  • Contact Adhesive 5000

    Applied on both rubber strip and substrate with brush or roller. When surface feels dry to the touch, (10-15 minutes) the strip is pressed against surface. Synthetic polymer and resins dissolved in inflammable solvents.Coverage 0.5 kg/m2.
  • Contact Adhesive P100

    Contact Adhesive P100 is a ready-to-use material for gluing webs and Precast elements. Contact Adhesive P100 Should be used only in conjunction with the Primer T89 and t89 Mastic for a reliable connection.
  • Contact Adhesive P150

    Contact Adhesive P150 - curing polyurethane adhesive for bonding membranes to the base of the roof.
  • Contact Adhesive P400

    P400 is an adhesive intended for gluing membrane and membrane strips along the perimeter of the roof and around each ledge, as well as for roofs with a slope (less than 20%) (on various types of supports, such as concrete, brickwork, wood, old sealant, etc.).)
  • Sealant 5590

    Silicone based sealant with excellent adhesion to rubber and most substrates. Coverage 8-12 lin. m/cartridge
  • Sprey Adgeziv P125

    Sprey Adgeziv P125 based on synthetic rubber, used for gluing Prelasti membranes, Superpowers or parts of the thermal Bond to the base.