Starmex FM7 Zima

Starmex FM7 Zima is a non-shrink polymer-modified fluid mortar, containing flexible metal fiber, suitable for repair and grouting. It can be applied at temperatures from -10°C up to over 30°C.


Bag of 30 kg
Use directions
  • Grouting between foundations for the support of equipment and machinery.
  • Grouting between the piles and beams.
  • Anchoring bridge pillars
  • Anchoring bolts, cables, ets.
  • Repair and anchoring concrete structures: foundations, beams, pillars, ets.
  • Repair and leveling pavements.
  • No shrinkage, high effective bearing area, required positive expansion.
  • No bleeding, segregation-free.
  • Excellent adhesion (concrete failure test results).
  • High early and final compressive strength at low ambient temperatures.
  • No water absorption, withstands contact with fire, nontoxic.
  • A thermal coefficient of expansion similar to concrete.
  • Withstands dynamic loads.
  • Non-permeable for water, oils, grease, etc.
  • No chlorides, non-metallic, non-corrosive.