DensTop PM 605 FC

  • DensTop PM 605 FC
DensTop PM 605 FC is a three-component cement-polyurethane thixotropic composition for creating polymer baseboards and devices on vertical surfaces of coatings with excellent chemical resistance and resistance to abrasion, mechanical and temperature impact.


Equipment Packing Packaging
component А 
component B1
component B2
35.8 kg 
30 kg 
2,7 kg
3,1 kg
Use directions
  • The device of a polymeric plinth and industrial coverings of vertical surfaces for oil refining, pharmaceutical, food and other enterprises. It can be used for domestic water supply facilities, including those in contact with drinking water;
  • The device polymer plinth and industrial coatings of vertical surfaces with high chemical resistance to detergents, oils, dilute solutions of alkalis and acids, hydrocarbons and other aggressive compounds;
  • Coatings of vertical surfaces exposed to thermal shock and cyclic loads, high operating temperatures, freezing, etc ..
  • A wider temperature range of operation than epoxy coatings: from -40 ° C to + 150 ° C .;
  • High mechanical strength: compressive strength, abrasion resistance, resistance to shock loads, mechanical cleaning, etc .;
  • Excellent chemical resistance, higher than that of epoxy systems;
  • Can be used on fresh concrete (no less than 7 days of hardening);
  • The material is non-toxic, solvent-free, non-flammable.
  • With a thickness of more than 9 mm can be cleaned with steam;
  • Quick setting: commissioning after 24 hours;
  • Environmentally friendly: non-toxic, does not contain solvents.