Manocryl Bond

  • Manocryl Bond
Manocryl Bond - a specially designed compound based on acrylic resins, intended to ensure adhesion between the concrete layers, and to increase the adhesive properties of cementitious compositions when laying them on the smooth, non-porous base.


Canister of 25 kg
Use directions
  • When laying a new concrete layer on old;
  • For the materials on a cement basis applied on the low-porous basis (the polished concrete, marble, etc.) for ensuring adhesion;
  • For the device of floor coverings.
  • The high adhesion to all types of the bases, excludes need of additional preparation of a surface;
  • Resistance to influence of alkalis;
  • It is possible to apply on damp surfaces;
  • After setting it becomes elastic; resistant to temperature extremes;
  • Well works for a separation and for shift.