Starmex Keramo

  • Starmex Keramo
Starmex Keramo is an elastic cement adhesive mixture with high viability and high adhesion. Suitable for fixing tiles with low porosity on hard and mobile bases. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Use directions
  • Fastening of ceramic tiles, glass mosaic, marble slabs and natural stone slabs to the floor and walls
  • Fastening to concrete foundations, plastered walls, underfloor heating, drywall, wood, plastic, etc.
  • Ideal for tiling pools, fountains, tanks
  • Very high adhesion to non-porous substrates
  • Compensates base movement. Shuts off shrinkage and temperature cracks
  • Ease of application. Long vitality
  • Excellent water retention properties eliminate the need to pre-wet the base or tile