Manopur 126

Manopur 125/126/127 – a two-component polyurethane system is designed to harden dry areas of watered coal-bearing massifs in cleaning and preparatory faces, to bind and increase the bearing capacity of loose, unstable soils, to slump the mountain massif to reduce gas permeability, to anchor rocks with hardening of the surrounding massif, and to conduct waterproofing and repair work in concrete structures and other construction sites, repair and erection of expansion joints, installation of vertical elements of structure in permafrost conditions. During the reaction with water, approximately 4-10 fold increase in volume in the free space is achieved. The material reliably binds the soil, not this aggressive soil salts. The material is operable at a temperature of the strengthened material to -10 ° C.


Equipment Packing Packaging 
component А 
component B
55 kg 
25 kg 
30 kg
Use directions
  • Stabilization of rocks;
  • Soil strengthening;
  • Device «wall-in-ground»;
  • Prevention of soil precipitation;
  • Stopping of groundwater leaks (plugging);
  • Filling voids in rocks, soils;
  • The strengthening of the foundations;
  • In cracks more than 0.25 mm.
  • It has a low viscosity, even in the process of injection, which ensures deep penetration;
  • Very fast reaction time of the material allows to work even at high hydrostatic pressure;
  • High performance characteristics;
  • Excellent strength characteristics of the hardened composition;
  • No shrinkage;
  • Up to 2 times expansion without contact with water;
  • The stability of the chemical composition of the foam provides high durability and mechanical strength, as well as the resistance to high water pressure;
  • Environmentally safe.