Manopur Cleaner A

  • Manopur Cleaner A
Multicomponent transparent organic liquid of a balanced composition. Designed to clean process equipment and tools from polyurethane compositions. Manopur Cleaner A is an active cliner for seized polyurethane resins.


canister of 5, 10 and 20 kg
Use directions
  • For cleaning equipment from solid products polymerization of polyurethane compositions
  • It is an effective solvent for the purification of most polymer film formers, resins, oligomers
  • Can be used to remove old paint coatings
  • It can effectively be used to clean machine parts (including vehicles) and mechanisms from various fuels and lubricants
  • High solvent power is superior to most existing solvents.
  • The material is fireproof
  • There is no sharp smell
  • It is possible to wash the solvent with cold water.
  • Low toxicity